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reflection of the present and a window to the future

Metadecor's design for an innovation space adds a separate layer to the landscape of the IJsseldelta. It is a reflection of the present and a window to the future, with its horizontal lines and large openings. The building is made of glass and steel, creating an airy atmosphere that allows natural light to flood in from all angles. Its unique shape sets it apart from other buildings in the area, while blending seamlessly into its surroundings. The space is designed to be energy efficient and sustainable, making it of great value to Metadecor and its employees. With this new addition to their platform, Metadecor has created a space that will be both a meeting place for both employees and visitors, as well as an inspiring example for future high-profile facades.
Project AHK78 | Client Metadecor | Location Business park RW50 Kampen | Gross floor area 1.200 m2 BVO | Start Design June 2020 | Start Construction end 2023 | Status ongoing
AHK78 - Architectuur - NVDTA
AHK78 - Architectuur - NVDTA - 22